What happens at Dreamkatcher?

Dreamkatcher is a virtual collaborative platform where creators and artists get paid directly by their fans. We present you with monthly subscription plans which arouse every independent artist to develop their creative freedom and audience to obtain the entertainment they need from favourite creators on their list.

Dreamkatcher empowers a modern entertainment culture. Artists, musicians, storytellers, painters and what more a creator is up to. We enhance the opportunity of generating a better financial income for the creators. And for their fans lies a promising entertainment platform through decent subscriptions. A better stage where lies the best opportunities.

Creators and artists wins a better screening platform where their endeavours hit with the right earnings. We provide you with the right seed by creative collaborations and informative contents.

What does the creator get?

Get a cool set of real audience to appreciate and support your work

Get discovered by industry experts.

Create your own revenue stream with the flexible funding goals

Get to build a strong rapport with your fans through the community chat box.

Start your journey as a creator for free.

What does the audience/user get?

Get access to their creative content without burning a hole in your pocket.

Get personal messages and updates from your favourite creator.

Get to witness a whole new entertainment experience.

Collaborate and learn from your favourite creators.

The early backers of content creators will get the benefits once the content becomes successful.

Hitting with Right Income

Stir your creativity and fill your pockets. DreamKatcher makes you earn money from thousands of people who are willing to pay for your creative contents.

Here we redefine the value of your art. Setting you as a creator for the next level.

You don’t have to sit back and count on the ads to make money. Now it's your work speaks with a better and wider sound.

So change the tone and let the whole world hear you.


It’s a virtual way.

All the activities from the inception of ideas to the consumption of content other than the shooting and physical production will happen virtually on the platform.

Redefine the Creative Freedom

Here you get the freedom to create any content of your will. No rules no restrictions it’s all about you! Dreamkatcher retains your creative freedom by making you achieve your deserved attention and income. Moreover, the audience can have their entertainment going right with their prioritised creators with a premium subscription.


Looking for an exhilarating chance to be a co-producer? Fulfil your dream with Dreamkatcher.

Expert Mentors

Our team of trained mentors contributes to the dramatic world to ensure that the culture is passed to the upcoming generation.

Co-producer Crew

Those who are in search of a co-producer crew to work with, we can help you to find what you demand.